Empowering Lenders to Deliver Flexible Loan Structures for Next-Gen Lending Needs

We are a cloud-native lending platform that makes loans more flexible and accessible. With a borrower-centric approach, BrtySoftware delivers where it matters the most - configuring loans to meet the unique borrower demands in a modern landscape.

So, we developed a 100% web solution that fits the simplicity of basic loans with the scope of handling more complex transactions.


A Solution Made by Lenders, for Lenders

A loan management software solution should, first and foremost, make servicing loans easier. However, we found the reality quite contrary - they were unnecessarily complicated, inflexible, and expensive.

So, after juggling with multiple software solutions for decades as lenders, we decided to build BrytSoftware - an intuitive and deeply customizable platform that gives you the freedom to use the tools that you actually need, and nothing you don’t.


Customized credit products are the future.

With Bryt, we want you to unlock your lending
potential by automating loan servicing.

01 A borrower-first approach for
flexible lending

Digital lending is transforming the financial landscape, and we want to make lending simpler. Bryt’s elaborate CRM empowers you to automate borrower relationship management, recording every interaction on its borrower database.


02 Supporting Diverse Financial

No two borrowers are the same. And their needs will seldom be the same. Bryt’s custom add-on module ensures that you cater to each of such unique needs, without adding more to your to-do list.


03 Transparency is the cornerstone
of a lending business

Keep your customers in the loop always with Bryt’s built-in email and documentation templates that inform them of their loan status. Bryt also empowers your borrowers to manage their loans with a dedicated, white-labeled borrower portal.


04 Working in silos only slows you

Keep your team working in sync and easily share information with your team members working with the same contacts in the Bryt system. Bryt’s dynamic widgets update data in real-time and give you all the necessary information at just a glimpse.


05 Support should never be

With Bryt, we hope to make lending more inclusive. And we love collaborating and interacting with different lenders. So, we offer unlimited free support through an extensive Bryt support network so that you never feel left out.


06 Managing loans doesn’t have to
be expensive

The market is flooded with overcomplicated and overpriced solutions that only make loan servicing a hassle. With Bryt, we’ve introduced a transparent and flexible modular pricing system where you can opt for the loan components that you need.


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