Now Cater to a Wider Range of Borrowers and Communities

Launch tailored loan options with Bryt’s configurable and flexible architecture, designed to handle unique lending needs.


No More Lending Limitations

Every inch of Bryt is curated to adapt to your operational rhythm. Our CDFI loan software supports multiple payment frequencies and co-borrowers, empowering you to launch loan programs that mirror your business dynamics. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all CDFI loan servicing solutions with Bryt.

Power Your Portfolio Diversification with Automation

Fuel your reach in communities and widen your economic impact by offering a broader range of loan products with Bryt’s automated lending machine.

Your one-platform solution

Service all kinds of loans from one dashboard, finally. Track data about every critical loan KPI, payment history, weighted interest rate, and much more on Bryt’s intuitive dashboard.

Hyper-personalized loans

Deliver loan programs that suit the unique needs of CDFIs. With Bryt Software, you can support all loan types, terms, and interest rates with our custom loan configurations. You can now reach out to a wider customer base effectively.

Centralized loan processing

Tired of working in silos? With Bryt’s CDFI loan servicing software, you can track loan issues, modify loans, and inform your borrowers about them from just a single ecosystem. Get everything done with just a few clicks.

Actionable modules

Introduce future-proof lending solutions with Bryt’s comprehensive suite of loan modules, including ACH automation, white-labeled borrower portal, and multi-lender/ investor support. Tap into your borrowers’ dynamic needs.

Data security & accessibility

Leverage Microsoft Azure's enhanced security management, high adaptability, seamless scalability, and advanced threat management with Bryt Software. Rest easy with Azure’s point-in-time restore, empowering you to revert your data to any point within the last 35 days in case of emergencies.

99.95% system uptime

Break up with outdated, unreliable systems that eat up your revenue. Bryt gives you unparalleled access to all your loan data and reports anytime, anywhere. Keep your lending operations up and running without any glitches.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Bryt’s customer support makes handling complex lending processes easy to manage. Our comprehensive support system of professional and experienced lenders helps your team provide successful lending programs.

Faster time-to-market

With a fully open API, which can be effortlessly self-implemented, migration to the Bryt system is a breeze. You can integrate your current systems into Bryt’s workflow minus any middleware.

Borrower-centric database

Bryt Software’s entire interface is designed to give you unlimited access to a well-structured contact database. Include all companies or individuals associated with loans, streamlining communications with all loan agents.

Automated communication

With Bryt, you can send bulk automated emails (invoices, statements, notices) to your customers by setting up a few triggers. That’s not all. Bryt lets you organize and store all your communications contact-wise in its repository.

Seamless functionality

Servicing loans means navigating through piles of spreadsheets and documents. Bryt’s Process Wizards save you from the drudge. Be it loan creation or payment recording, Bryt keeps it simple, efficient, and error-free.

Efficiency and accuracy

Boost productivity and operational efficiency with Bryt’s automation. Bryt’s intelligent financial flow lets you organize and manage funding for borrower projects, reduce risks, and complete tasks without missing a single timeline.

Collateral & insurance tracking

Managing asset-defined loans doesn’t have to be exhausting. Now have comprehensive oversight of loan-related policies and insurances from the get-go with Bryt’s “Asset and Insurance Tracking” module.

Streamlined audits

Conducting audits is now plain sailing. Bryt helps you keep track of your borrowers’ tax reports, loan statements, payment histories, outstanding fees, etc., in its master register in real-time to help you sail through audits.

Third-party collaboration

You can now streamline all your loan-related contacts. Unlike other CDFI loan software solutions, Bryt extends beyond just adding borrowers to your loan contact list - add real estate, escrow, and insurance agents under a single tab.

Drive better collections

Collecting payments on each loan can be a hassle. Automate your collections with Bryt’s auto-pay feature and due-date scheduling, and keep track of all critical loan payment details with Bryt’s Payment Wizard.

Get the Resources for a Greater Economic Impact

Scale your lending operations with confidence, courtesy of our CDFI loan servicing software. Curate more inclusive and flexible loan programs minus the time-consuming traditional loan practices with an end-to-end loan servicing automation solution.


Unified Cross-Departmental Workflow

Bryt empowers you to share loan information across multiple teams and individuals associated with the same loans. Foster inter-team collaboration with Bryt Software.


One-Click Tax Reporting

Stuck in the loop of reporting tax documents for diverse loan portfolios? Now batch-create 1098s, 1099s, and IRS fire files for annual reporting with Bryt’s tax reporting features.


Track Data Specific to Your Borrower

Track data that is unique to your organization with Bryt’s Custom User Field add-on modules. Add unlimited user fields to loans or borrowers seamlessly on Bryt and analyze data specific to your community.


Optimize Resource Allocation

Reduce manual labor and overheads by automating your admin tasks and back-office operations with Bryt. Easily navigate through resource constraints with Bryt’s loan modules.


Unlimited Free Support

Get multiple avenues of support with Bryt’s comprehensive support network, including product videos, Zoom calls, ‘Guide Me’ tours, and an extensive Bryt knowledge base.


Documentation and Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements with Bryt’s compact documentation system for ready access, future reference, and automated reminders to reduce delinquencies and late payments.


“Bryt Software Saved the day!”

“My experience has been great! There was no pressure from a sales team, the development folks were willing to tweak and customize the software for our needs and everything is running smooth! Most importantly, I feel like my questions and concerns were heard timely and solutions rendered in real time....I feel like the team at Bryt is an extension of my team.”

Nathan T.

Government Administration


“BRYT's software and team have been valuable to our company to help us scale efficiently!”

“We have used BRYT for almost 2 years now. BRYT has been extremely valuable for our company. It has been an essential piece that has helped us be more efficient and scale our operation, while also delivering great value to our customers. They are helpful, easy to work with, and very responsive. BRYT continues to make great changes and we know there are even greater things ahead - we highly recommend the BRYT platform and the team behind it!”

Mike Z.

Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Opting for a cloud-based (SaaS) CDFI loan software solution gives you access to loans anywhere you have an internet connection using a standard browser, any time you need. 

Besides, using a SaaS solution is seen to have a greater adoption rate with a lower learning curve because almost everyone is familiar with internet usage.

So, switch to a SaaS-based CDFI loan management software to do away with IT costs, painful upgrades, and data threat risks.

Bryt prioritizes data transparency and accessibility by safeguarding data from human errors and unforeseen emergencies. Bryt’s cloud architecture is built on Microsoft Azure, whose point-in-time restore capabilities help databases restore to any prior state within the last 35 days. So, with Bryt, you can be assured that your data is in safe hands.

Absolutely. Our CDFI loan management software ensures easy loan modifications where you can make changes in

  • Interest rates,
  • Late fees,
  • Due dates,
  • Loan extensions,
  • Payment/ amortizations, and
  • Add/ modify loan principal.

There are very few CDFI loan servicing solutions available that offer as flexible amortization options as Bryt. Bryt lets you choose the right amortization setting for your loans – be it full amortization or partial, fixed payments, or flexible terms. Deliver personalized loan structures to match your borrower’s income patterns and financial flexibility with Bryt Software.

Bryt Software comes with pre-built standard reports. Get comprehensive insights into your portfolio in PDF and Excel reports with Bryt’s standard report templates.

Besides, the Bryt system can also produce custom reports with its advanced report writer that can accommodate any kind of report. Creating highly customized and professional reports with Bryt takes only a few clicks.

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