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What Can Bryt Do For You?

Reduce Human Error

Bid farewell to data entry blunders and missed payments. Our integrated system ensures accuracy and reliability, eliminating the risk of mistakes falling through the cracks.

Unparalleled Transparency

Boost borrower and investor confidence with 24/7 access to loan data. Borrowers can generate statements, view 1098s, and effortlessly make payments without human interaction.

Amplified Efficiency

Stay in the loop with real-time notifications for payment applications, statement distribution, ACH deposits, and upcoming ACH debits.

Impound Mastery

Our double-entry accounting system ensures precise handling of impound accounts. With prioritized impound collection, you can confidently manage payments, knowing your accounting is accurate.

Tailored Solutions for Every Construction Lending Project

Custom Document Templates

Create automated documents for commercial loans with our construction loan management software. Customize welcome letters, amortization schedules, ACH authorization through ACHQ templates, Statement-H 30(A) Loan Summary invoices, and much more that align with your unique business needs.

Customize Payment Frequencies

Construction lending software is diverse, and so are your borrowers' needs. With Bryt Software, tailor payment frequencies—whether weekly or bi-weekly —to offer unparalleled flexibility. Now break up with generic plans - create bespoke experiences that set you apart.

Efficient Management of Insurance Policies

Bryt’s Asset and Insurance Tracking Module,customized for asset-defined lending programs, offers a streamlined approach to information sharing. Its collateral management features empower lenders to identify under-collateralization, stay compliant with regulations, and manage insurance policies efficiently.

Bryt Software's Integration Proficiency

Bryt’s API enables easy, 3rd-party integration empowering your business to have a single, unified lending platform, fostering an environment of growth and success.

of enterprise have adopted API usage

of all B2B collaboration occurs via API

of respondants believe their use of APIs improve their competitive differentiation

  • Instant Contact Details Retrieval
  • Comprehensive Contact List Access
  • Swift Loan Initiation
  • Detailed Loan Status Insights
  • Panoramic Loan View by State
  • Loan Scheduling
  • Payment History
  • Seamless Borrower Payments
  • Holistic Financial Management
  • Targeted Register Entry Insights
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Accommodate Scalability

As your user base flourishes, Bryt adapts effortlessly. No need to worry about hardware, software, or bandwidth. Our platform dynamically adjusts to accommodate your growth.Get cloud-based convenience, exceptional reliability, 99.95% availability, and flexibility for infrastructure scaling on-demand.

Unparalleled Security with Microsoft Azure

Safeguarding sensitive data is paramount. With Bryt, trust that your lending programs are fortified by cutting-edge Microsoft Azure cloud technology. Our secure, redundant infrastructure guarantees your data's safety, granting you peace of mind.

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“Bryt Software Saved the day!”

“My experience has been great! There was no pressure from a sales team, the development folks were willing to tweak and customize the software for our needs and everything is running smooth! Most importantly, I feel like my questions and concerns were heard timely and solutions rendered in real time....I feel like the team at Bryt is an extension of my team.”

Nathan T.

Government Administration


“Value for Money”

“It has been a great experience. The system was very easy to implement and the customer service has been terrific. I have recommended others to use the system as well and will continue to do so.”

Ron B.

Financial Services


“This software makes the Loan Servicing process very easy and timeless.”

“I've been using this software for about 2 years and all of its features have allowed me to cut Loan Servicing and Document Processing portion of my job time in half. Actually more then half.”

Marsha P.

Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Bryt Software serves as a comprehensive platform for efficiently managing all aspects of Construction Loans including from initial loan initiation to payment collection and reporting. Our intuitive tools and real-time integration streamline processes for both lenders and borrowers.

Bryt Software‘s powerful collection tools put payment collection on autopilot. Moreover, this construction loan automation software ensures a seamless experience. Borrowers can make payments through the system, and our real-time integration eliminates manual data entry and spreadsheet errors.

Yes, Bryt Software offers features like Payment History and Get Loan Status API calls, providing detailed insights into payment schedules, current balances, and more. This transparency empowers you to stay on top of each loan’s progress.

Bryt Software provides customizable document templates and reports, enabling you to generate automated, compliant documents tailored to specific regulatory requirements. However, always consult with your legal counsel to ensure adherence to relevant laws.

Bryt Software‘s cloud-based system eliminates the need for manual software installations and upgrades. You can access your loan management tools from anywhere with an internet connection, and our system dynamically scales as your user base grows.

Yes, you can! Bryt Software offers a powerful API that allows easy integration with other systems, tools, and data providers. This enables you to create a unified lending platform and enhance workflow efficiency.

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