Now Deliver Customized Loans at Scale

Launch customized solutions for each of your borrowers minus any manual intervention with Bryt’s next-gen banking loan software.


Maximize Your Lending Potential

Handle increased loan volumes seamlessly with Bryt’s bank loan management system. Enjoy faster loan processing, greater data visibility, 24/7 access to loan documents, and one-click report generation - all from a single, uniform platform.

Break Up with Resource-Heavy Traditional Lending 

Cater to newer market demands and the ever-changing borrower needs with a flexible, full-suite banking loan solution.

Easy implementation

Every inch of Bryt is designed to make your job easier. With its intuitive interface, the Bryt system can be self-implemented into your banking workflow without the need for any middleware.

Interactive interface

The Bryt system uses process wizards to help you complete complex loan functions without much assistance. These wizards take users through carefully crafted questions to customize loans as per borrower needs.

Paperless documentation

Say goodbye to resource-heavy documentation practices with Bryt’s cloud-native solution. Access personalized documents on the go across all devices with just a single click within the Bryt ecosystem.

Flexible credit products

Build unique credit products easily and modify loan programs with different amortization schedules, due dates, extensions, late fees, interest rates, etc., with Bryt Software’s customizable lending options.

Automated emails

Download documents and send automated emails to borrowers at scale with our automated bank lending software. You can set triggers in the Bryt system to generate documents automatically and email them to your borrowers.

Simplify audits

Bring your workflow into the Bryt system and maintain a unified record of all your customer data, compliance settings, loan documents, and master register for streamlined audits and tax calculations.

Asset tracking

Bryt helps you store all collateral value information for asset-defined loans. Now manage collateral and reduce credit risk by adequately securing and documenting loans within our banking loan software.

Ironclad security & data accessibility

Bryt leverages Microsoft’s Azure Cloud’s latest privacy and compliance guidelines and relies on Azure’s point-in-time restore features to protect your data from any unforeseen errors. So, with Bryt, your data is safe, always.

Centralized loan processing

Our intuitive CRM system helps you identify loan issues with real-time data. So, with Bryt, you can make data-driven decisions and create connected workflows for faster loan processing.

Intuitive contact database

Manage all your loan contacts from one system: borrowers, real estate agents, insurance agents, escrow agents, investors, etc. Access your contact information in real-time and share it with your teams who contact the same customers.

Greater personalization

Reach out to more customers with lending solutions that match their unique needs. Send personalized emails and notes, curate tailored payment frequency and loan repayment schedules that fit your borrower’s requirements.

Reduce risks and errors

Centralize all your calculations, loan processing, documentation, borrower communication, collection, and reporting on a single community bank lending software with Bryt. Reduce manual intervention and costs drastically.

99.95% system uptime

Now guarantee uninterrupted access to loan data and documentation to your borrowers with Bryt Software. As a cloud-based solution, borrowers can easily check their loan status without supervision or bank visits.

Reduced service requests

Bryt promises unlimited free support for its users, including “guide me” tours, videos, chat, email, telephone support, Zoom sessions, and an extensive Bryt knowledge base - helping you reduce your team’s service request queues.

Co-borrower collaboration

Deliver unified lending solutions for multiple co-borrowers with Bryt’s bank loan management system. Bryt Software is designed to ensure precise collaboration, helping you streamline your operations on one platform.

Dynamic widgets

Get a wealth of data at just one glance within the Bryt system. Learn about principal balances, weighted interest rates, payment histories, news and announcements, etc., from the Bryt Loan Tracker dashboard.

Manage Higher Loan Volumes Seamlessly with Bryt

Process loans minus the pain. Create, service, manage, and close loans hassle-free in a single bank lending automation software. 


Unified Downstream Workflow

Take a break from working in siloes. Share loan information across teams within your organization who contact the same customers with Bryt.


Scale with Confidence

Bryt’s automation can quickly adapt to your growing portfolio, including advanced features like custom-defined user fields, banking information, and loan applications.


Real-Time Monitoring

Bryt’s Payment Wizard helps you track loan payments, outstanding fees, principal balances, late fees, and unscheduled payments from a single dashboard.


Built-in Reporting

Gone are the days of spending hours juggling countless spreadsheets for loan reports. Now produce highly customized, error-free reports in bulk within the Bryt environment.


Custom Add-on Modules

Promise on-demand loan servicing with Bryt’s add-on modules. Create unlimited custom fields, manage assets, and deliver personalized solutions with Bryt’s bank lending solution.


Efficient Portfolio Management

Keep a close tab on your lending portfolio with the next-gen report writer, which collects data from loan databases and builds detailed spreadsheets of all your crucial KPIs.

200+ Lenders Found Bryt to be a Game-Changer for Their Business


“Bryt Software Saved the day!”

“My experience has been great! There was no pressure from a sales team, the development folks were willing to tweak and customize the software for our needs and everything is running smooth! Most importantly, I feel like my questions and concerns were heard timely and solutions rendered in real time....I feel like the team at Bryt is an extension of my team.”

Nathan T.

Government Administration


“BRYT's software and team have been valuable to our company to help us scale efficiently!”

“We have used BRYT for almost 2 years now. BRYT has been extremely valuable for our company. It has been an essential piece that has helped us be more efficient and scale our operation, while also delivering great value to our customers. They are helpful, easy to work with, and very responsive. BRYT continues to make great changes and we know there are even greater things ahead - we highly recommend the BRYT platform and the team behind it!”

Mike Z.

Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Bryt Software offers white-labeled portals for both borrowers through its custom add-on modules to make payments, manage their accounts, and get real-time insights into their portfolios.

For more information, get in touch with us at or 760.895.4031.

Yes. You can easily batch-create 1098s for all your borrowers and 1099s for lenders with Bryt Software. Moreover, you can also create a fire file for annual reporting with just a single click.

Yes, you surely can. Bryt Software is a complete lending solution for private lenders, CDFIs, quasi-government agencies, credit unions, banks, neobanks, and other financial institutions. You can easily manage all your loans, revenue, and borrower relationships on a single platform.

BrytSoftware’s all-in-one loan management software helps you escape the hassle of traditional loan management by automating your day-to-day loan operations. You can now service loans anytime, anywhere, and from any device. All you have to do is log in to the Bryt system – no messy installations, upgrades, or maintenance fees. 


The Bryt cloud will be your central repository for loan processing, borrower communication, loan documentation, and reporting. Just invest a few minutes while creating a loan on our bank loan management software, where you have to answer a few questions for configuring your loan, and that’s it! 

You can do the rest with a few clicks – yep! It’s that simple!

Bryt Software is developed with compatibility in mind. Bryt’s API can easily integrate into any commercial or custom-built application to maximize operational efficiency and inter-departmental collaboration.

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