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Advanced Tech for the Next-Generation Lender

Bryt Software is your gateway to modern lending excellence. With our state-of-the-art platform, you can effortlessly offer fully customized credit products to your customers. Our flexible loan modules adapt to your needs, ensuring your borrowers get precisely what they need.

One-Stop Cloud Solution for All Your Lending Needs

Bryt Software empowers your team to navigate the unique demands of the new-age lending market effortlessly. No more juggling complex software installations or dealing with cumbersome upgrades - Bryt's cloud-based solution puts everything you need at your fingertips.

Automated Communication

Communicate with your borrowers seamlessly through automated emails for invoices, late notices, and statements - all powered by Bryt. Our system also stores all customer communications contact-wise, ensuring you're always organized and in control.

Effortless Audits and Collateral Management

Audits have never been simpler. With Bryt, you can keep tabs on all your loan files and documents in real-time, including tax reports, defaults, and statements. Our asset and insurance tracking module provides a cost-effective collateral management solution, helping you effortlessly mitigate credit risk.

Personalized Loans

Craft loan programs tailored to each borrower's unique financial goals, income patterns, and payment preferences. Bryt's smart calculations handle complex financial computations, saving you valuable time and reducing errors.

Centralized Loan Processing

Track loan issues in real-time, communicate effortlessly with borrowers, and get valuable insights to make data-driven decisions from one neobank loan software. Our centralized borrower database streamlines contact management and identifies opportunities for retargeting.

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Why Choose Bryt Software for Your Payday Loan Business?

Automate Workflow

Automate payment collections with Bryt Software's auto-pay feature and due-date scheduling. Our Payment Wizard records all necessary payment details, making collections a breeze. Bryt’s real-time reporting helps you monitor your portfolio's health and create customized, professional reports faster than ever.

Payment Allocation with Waterfall Rules

Bryt Software is your trusted partner in handling regular scheduled payments. Our Loan Wizard follows a precise set of rules to automatically allocate payments to various categories, ensuring your borrowers' accounts stay current. From impound payments to lender fees, interest, and late fees, Bryt Software's intelligent algorithms prioritize payment allocation to maintain financial accuracy.

Financial Clarity

In the payday lending world, transparency is key. Bryt Software empowers you with a comprehensive reporting tool suite, including the Batched 1098 and 1099 reports. Easily itemize interest paid per loan and sort by borrower name, simplifying tax reporting and compliance.

Notice Management

With Bryt Software, you can batch download notices as PDFs for all active loans, streamlining your communication process. Whether you need to print and mail individual notices to borrowers or maintain a digital record, Bryt Software has you covered.

Automate Document Generation

Streamline your workflow with our Document Automation feature. Set triggers to automatically generate document templates and email them directly to borrowers. Bryt Software ensures borrowers receive essential documents promptly, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing borrower satisfaction.

Manage Delinquencies

Bryt Software insights into borrowers' financial histories ensure confident approvals. Customize loan structures for each borrower, reduce risk, and make informed decisions. Bryt empowers you to tackle delinquency head-on with data-backed strategies.

Flexible Payment Plans Tailored to Your Needs with Bryt

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Integration Advantage

Bryt's API integration prowess offers unified lending. Seamlessly integrate third-party solutions, fostering growth and success within one platform.

Payment Flexibility

Break free from generic payment plans. With Bryt, you can tailor payment frequencies for a unique lending experience—weekly, bi-weekly, or any other schedule you prefer. Customize welcome letters, ACH authorization templates, and more.

99.95 % Security at the Core

Your data deserves the best. Bryt employs top-tier security standards, encrypting client data on the Azure cloud. Microsoft Cloud's advanced protection ensures optimum privacy and infrastructural and operational security.

Simplicity Meets Cloud Power

Need contact details, loan status, or payment history? It's all at your fingertips with Bryt Software. Swift loan initiation, panoramic loan views, and targeted insights - just a click away.

Hassle-Free Trial

If you've been enjoying our free trial, that's great. If you choose not to continue with Bryt after the free trial, we will automatically delete your free trial and any associated data. This typically happens between 14 to 21 days after your free trial ends.

Start Fresh Anytime

We want you to have the freedom to explore Bryt at your own pace. If you change your mind in the future, you can always sign up for a new free trial. We'll be here when you're ready. Your experience matters to us.

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“BRYT's software and team have been valuable to our company to help us scale efficiently!”

“We have used BRYT for almost 2 years now. BRYT has been extremely valuable for our company. It has been an essential piece that has helped us be more efficient and scale our operation, while also delivering great value to our customers. They are helpful, easy to work with, and very responsive. BRYT continues to make great changes and we know there are even greater things ahead - we highly recommend the BRYT platform and the team behind it!”

Mike Z.

Real Estate


“Value for Money”

“It has been a great experience. The system was very easy to implement and the customer service has been terrific. I have recommended others to use the system as well and will continue to do so.”

Ron B.

Financial Services


“This software makes the Loan Servicing process very easy and timeless.”

“I've been using this software for about 2 years and all of its features have allowed me to cut Loan Servicing and Document Processing portion of my job time in half. Actually more then half.”

Marsha P.

Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bryt Software puts transparency at the forefront. Borrowers can easily access loan documents, payment schedules, and communication history, empowering them with clear insights into their loans.

Absolutely. Our intuitive interface allows you to modify loan structures on the go, ensuring you can meet the ever-evolving needs of borrowers in the fast-paced payday lending environment.

Bryt Software leverages Microsoft Azure’s cutting-edge security, privacy, and compliance features. The Azure Security Centre provides top-tier data protection and threat prevention, ensuring your data is always secure.

Our cloud-based platform keeps a real-time record of loan files, documents, and compliance reports. You can effortlessly track tax reports, loan defaults, and conduct audits with ease.

Yes, Bryt Software automates borrower communication through emails for invoices, late notices, and statements. You can also store all customer communications contact-wise within the system. Additionally, our Document Automation feature ensures borrowers receive essential documents promptly via email.

Our platform offers an unmatched auto-pay feature and due-date scheduling, simplifying payment collections. Real-time reporting informs you of your portfolio’s health, and our automated reporting system helps create customized, professional reports effortlessly.

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