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The auto industry is projected to soar with a 7.3% compound annual growth rate over the next 7 years!

Redefine automotive lending all in one seamless platform. With Bryt, be the lender that borrowers choose.

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How Bryt Ensures Hassle-Free Automotive Lending Management

Streamlined Onboarding

Usher your customers into the world of automotive finance in minutes. Transform application processing with a 7X reduction in disbursement time. With Bryt Software, it's not just fast; it's instant gratification for your customers.

Comprehensive Reports

Stock reports at your fingertips for common needs. Get a comprehensive view of your transactions in one place with Bryt’s Spreadsheet Reports. Bryt's data structure helps you make professional, customized reports faster than anywhere else.

Loan Summary Snapshot

Keep all your contacts in the loop, always. Bryt’s Loan Summary snapshot covers it all – from loan status and configuration to balances and issues, ensuring you're armed with the information you need.

1098 Tax Reports

Bryt empowers you to batch-generate 1098 Tax Reports for all loans linked to primary borrowers - eliminating manual effort and ensuring accurate reporting. The generated 1098s are seamlessly inserted into the ‘Documents’ tab for the corresponding contact—bid goodbye to juggling between platforms.

Cohesive Payment Processing

Bryt’s Loan Wizard handles payment allocation like a pro. Regular scheduled payments? Check. Unscheduled payments? Check. Dive into the Bryt’ts Waterfall Rules for payment hierarchy and maximize your payment potential.

Master Register

The Master Register report within Bryt Software offers you a panoramic view of your finances. It comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive accounting ledger that helps you meticulously detail every transaction within your Bryt account.


Unlimited Free Support at Your Fingertips

Bryt’s support network is at your service in real time. Get one-on-one Zoom sessions where your queries get solved instantly.

Choose Your Terms,
Your Way

Be in the driver’s seat always with Bryt Software. Our flexible options cater to a range of standard interest rate accrual methods – be it 30/360, 30/365, Actual/360, or more. Bryt is your vision for lending, expertly crafted.

Payment Frequencies Tailored to Borrower Needs

Lending isn't one-size-fits-all, and neither are payment frequencies. Bryt Software adapts effortlessly to your borrower’s financial needs with flexible weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or annual pay-offs.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Lending Project

Dashboard Widgets for Instant Insights

Dashboard Widgets reveal historic principal balances, weighted interest rates, and payment histories over the past year. With Bryt, you can have your dashboard your way.

Multiple Co-Borrowers Support

Bryt Software supports multiple co-borrowers, ensuring precise collaboration and lending dynamics, all within a single, unified platform.

100% System Up-Time

With Bryt Software, downtime becomes a thing of the past. Enjoy uninterrupted access, ensuring your lending operations never miss a beat.

On-the-Go Management

Bryt’s cloud-native lending solution opens the door to scalability. Manage your loans anytime, anywhere. Bryt Software empowers you to take charge, whether you're at your desk or on the move.

Turn Complexity into Simplicity! Your Peace of Mind, Our Priority

Bryt is more than just an auto loan management software solution – it’s your gateway to cohesive lending management.

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Why Choosing Bryt Software is Your Best Decision Yet?

Tailored User Access Levels

Enjoy unparalleled control with access levels that align precisely with your team's roles and responsibilities. Leverage user access levels are designed to match your operational dynamics.

Bryt Knowledge Base

Access a treasure trove of insights and solutions in our knowledge base, empowering you to troubleshoot and optimize at your own pace. Dive into the product's depths through engaging videos, ensuring you're always in command.

Data Security Beyond Measure

Your client data deserves the utmost protection. At Bryt, we've set the gold standard for security by safeguarding your data with robust encryption protocols, ensuring that every piece of information is locked away from prying eyes.

Advanced Threat Protection Powered by Azure

At Bryt Software, secure data finds with Azure cloud computing platform, guarded by Microsoft Cloud's cutting-edge security management. Now rest easy with our state-of-the-art threat protection that fortifies your data against potential risks.

Standard Integrations

Experience Bryt API's transformative capabilities. Accessible with our Professional or Enterprise Version, our API module elevates your lending journey, making integration and unified excellence the new norm.

  • Add Contacts
  • Update Contact using Bryt ID or
  • Customer Ref ID.
  • Get Contact Details
  • Access a comprehensive list of all contacts
  • Add LoansGet Loan Status
  • Get All Loans
  • Get Schedules for Loans
  • Payment History for Loan
  • Make Current Payment for Loan
  • Retrieve all register entries at your convenience
  • Target Register Entries for Loan
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“BRYT's software and team have been valuable to our company to help us scale efficiently!”

“We have used BRYT for almost 2 years now. BRYT has been extremely valuable for our company. It has been an essential piece that has helped us be more efficient and scale our operation, while also delivering great value to our customers. They are helpful, easy to work with, and very responsive. BRYT continues to make great changes and we know there are even greater things ahead - we highly recommend the BRYT platform and the team behind it!”

Mike Z.

Real Estate


“Value for Money”

“It has been a great experience. The system was very easy to implement and the customer service has been terrific. I have recommended others to use the system as well and will continue to do so.”

Ron B.

Financial Services


“This software makes the Loan Servicing process very easy and timeless.”

“I've been using this software for about 2 years and all of its features have allowed me to cut Loan Servicing and Document Processing portion of my job time in half. Actually more then half.”

Marsha P.

Real Estate

We Take Pride in Boosting your Efficiency By 3X

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Frequently Asked Questions

Automotive loan management software is a game-changer for lenders seeking efficiency and precision. With tools for loan creation, payment tracking, and customized user access levels, Brytoftware streamlines your lending operations. It enhances accuracy, reduces complexity, and delivers top-notch service to your borrowers.

Bryt Software prioritizes your data’s safety. We utilize Azure’s TDE for encrypting customer databases at rest, guaranteeing the highest level of security.

Yes, Bryt Software is designed for flexibility. We support multiple payment frequencies, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and more, tailored to your borrowers’ needs.

Bryt Software offers customizable user access levels, ranging from Admin and Standard Users to Management and Custom Users. You can adapt access to align with your team’s roles and responsibilities.

Bryt Software’s Loan Payment Wizard simplifies payment processing. It guides you through accepting various payment types, from regular schedules to additional payments and payoffs.

Bryt Software’s API module streamlines workflow, enabling seamless integration, data gathering, and innovation acceleration. It’s your gateway to a unified lending platform, transforming your business dynamics.

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