Harness the Power of Automated Loan Reporting

Optimize your lending business with Bryt Software’s advanced report writer, which produces highly customized, professional reports in seconds.

Sync Up Your Customer Records with with Pre-built Standard Reports

Get actionable insights into all your loans with just a click of a button. Analyze your loan portfolio and make data-backed business decisions with seamless PDF and Excel reports.

Deliver Tailored Loans as per Your Borrower’s Unique Needs

Create customized repayment plans and solutions that match your borrower’s cash flow and income. Automate your borrower data in just a few clicks with Bryt’s loan reporting.

Curated Lending

Analyze trends, forecast loan performance, and make data-backed decisions about future lending strategies with our standard reports. Get insights into both historical and current data for effortless cash flow management.

Better Portfolio

Monitor the performance of your loan portfolio efficiently with Bryt Software’s robust report writer. Track repayment behavior, missed payments, and other key KPIs to understand potential issues and identify borrower trends.

Efficient Loan

Configure loans as per your borrower’s finances with Bryt’s intuitive loan reporting. Customize loan terms, including loan amounts, interest rates, late fees, and repayment schedules, and deliver loan products that match your borrower’s financial preferences.

Risk & Delinquency

Ensure maximum risk mitigation by curating loan structures that cater to each of your borrowers' unique needs. Bryt’s loan reporting empowers you to track collateral on your loans and gives you insights to prepare loan programs for risky borrowers.

Stronger Customer

Be on good terms with the borrower with data visibility and accuracy. Generate comprehensive loan reports on loan terms, payment schedules, and balances, and encourage positive borrower experience with Bryt’s fast data output.

Display Real-Time

Keep a tab on all your transactions, accounting summaries, and aggregated interest in a single ecosystem without downtime. Bryt’s intuitive system even enables you to automatically create and email templates to the respective borrowers associated with the loan.

Simplify Loan Management and Minimize Operational Costs with Seamless Batching

Handle larger workloads, enhance operational efficiency, and improve borrower experience with Bryt Software’s automated batching

Now 1098 and 1099 tax reports are just a click away. With Bryt Software, you can batch-create 1098s for all borrowers and 1099s for all lenders. Moreover, you can also create an IRS fire file for annual reporting to the IRS in the Bryt system.

Streamline communication with all your borrowers with Bryt Software’s batch loan notice download feature. You can easily download notices of the selected notice types in PDF files and mail them to each of your borrowers or automate these documents for emailing.

Ensure consistency and standardization throughout loan servicing by downloading generated documents for loans, which triggered the automated document templates. Produce consolidated data or automate these documents for emailing.

200+ Global Lenders Scaled Their Portfolio with Bryt’s Loan Tracking


“Bryt Software Saved the day!”

“My experience has been great! There was no pressure from a sales team, the development folks were willing to tweak and customize the software for our needs and everything is running smooth! Most importantly, I feel like my questions and concerns were heard timely and solutions rendered in real time....I feel like the team at Bryt is an extension of my team.”

Nathan T.

Government Administration


“BRYT's software and team have been valuable to our company to help us scale efficiently!”

“We have used BRYT for almost 2 years now. BRYT has been extremely valuable for our company. It has been an essential piece that has helped us be more efficient and scale our operation, while also delivering great value to our customers. They are helpful, easy to work with, and very responsive. BRYT continues to make great changes and we know there are even greater things ahead - we highly recommend the BRYT platform and the team behind it!”

Mike Z.

Real Estate


“This software makes the Loan Servicing process very easy and timeless.”

“I've been using this software for about 2 years and all of its features have allowed me to cut Loan Servicing and Document Processing portion of my job time in half. Actually more then half.”

Marsha P.

Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bryt Software offers 30+ standard loan reporting templates and spreadsheet reports that are built into our cloud-based platform. You can easily access loan reports (including batched reports) in pdf, Excel, and Word documents for all your borrowers by just logging in to your Bryt Software account and accessing the Reports tab.

Yes, you can. Bryt Software’s flexibility helps you tailor your loan reports per your unique needs and gives you ready access to borrower data, like loan conditions, payment history, tax reports, interest reports, etc.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our custom loan reporting options.

With our 100% cloud-native lending solution, you can service loans anywhere. All you need to have is an internet connection, and you are all set! Switch between devices seamlessly and access and analyze loan data right after you log in with Bryt Software. Yes, it’s that simple and hassle-free.

Yes, you surely can. Bryt Software offers a robust API that allows easy integration with other systems, tools, and data providers. So, create a unified lending platform and enhance your workflow efficiency with Bryt Software.

Yes, you absolutely can. Bryt Software helps you automate a document and send it to the respective borrower (s) associated with the loan automatically by just setting a few triggers. 

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