Manage All Your Customer Data on the Go

Embrace a borrower-first approach for your business with Bryt’s integrated, cloud-native contact relationship management.

Streamline Customer Information in Real-Time with Bryt’s Centralized Loan CRM

Build long-term client relationships by consolidating borrower interactions on a single CRM for loan management. Bryt’s automated contact relationship management system helps improve your downstream workflow by recording all activities with your contacts.

Deliver the Right Solutions At the Right Time

Simplify your lending business by keeping customers in the loop always. Bryt Software’s automated communication informs your contacts about loan conditions, helping you establish operational transparency, reduce service requests, and retain more customers.

Maintain a comprehensive record of all borrower information, like contact details, loan information, user notes, and communication on a central loan servicing CRM. Free up your team’s schedule with Bryt’s automated borrower communication and client account management.

Prioritize the high-value leads with Bryt’s loan management CRM. Our platform makes it super simple to manage your leads, track loan status, log emails sent to your contacts, and user notes. Bryt can also help you automate follow-ups to boost borrower retention, improve business efficiency, and level up lead nurturing throughout the entire loan life cycle.

Manage all contacts from one central platform with Bryt. Our intuitive loan CRM system helps you address a wide range of loan issues and solve issues faster with real-time data and reports, empowering you to analyze key trends and make data-driven decisions. So, guarantee a superior lending experience and reach out to more customers with Bryt’s CRM.

Automate payment reminders and streamline your collection process with Bryt Software’s advanced CRM. Send dynamic, personalized messages that keep your customers informed and on track with their payments. Bryt’s business loan CRM is an immutable ledger of real-time information on all your contacts, helping you maintain a healthy portfolio.

Ensure streamlined cross-departmental workflow and higher customer satisfaction with a centralized client database. Bryt Software’s loan CRM platform helps you better track and manage customer interactions and share information across various teams that contact the same customers, ensuring no important client information falls through the cracks.

200+ Global Lenders Scaled Their Portfolio with Bryt’s Loan Tracking


“Bryt Software Saved the day!”

“My experience has been great! There was no pressure from a sales team, the development folks were willing to tweak and customize the software for our needs and everything is running smooth! Most importantly, I feel like my questions and concerns were heard timely and solutions rendered in real time....I feel like the team at Bryt is an extension of my team.”

Nathan T.

Government Administration


“Value for Money”

“It has been a great experience. The system was very easy to implement and the customer service has been terrific. I have recommended others to use the system as well and will continue to do so.”

Ron B.

Financial Services


“This software makes the Loan Servicing process very easy and timeless.”

“I've been using this software for about 2 years and all of its features have allowed me to cut Loan Servicing and Document Processing portion of my job time in half. Actually more then half.”

Marsha P.

Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Loan CRM helps a lending business manage customer relationships and communication seamlessly, along with keeping a close eye on their own portfolio.

  1. Centralized borrower information – Keep all the key customer information, like contact details, loan history, interactions, payments, etc., on a single platform, empowering your team to deliver a more personalized and effective service.
  2. Better operational efficiency – With a CRM, you can easily automate your day-to-day operations, concentrating only on the core tasks, helping you boost your team’s operational efficiency.
    With Bryt Software, you can automate sending emails, generating reports, communicating timely reminders, service loans from any device, etc. 
  3. Personalized communication – Send dynamic emails and notifications to your clients about their loan condition and status with CRM integration for loans. Personalized reminders help borrowers keep track of their payments, helping you reduce default risks.
  4. Avoid long service queues – Keep your borrowers in the know with loan CRM software. Be a step ahead always by avoiding bottlenecks before they arise, and save precious time for your team in resolving loan issues.
  5. Scalability and growth – A CRM will help you efficiently manage more customers and increase loan volume as your business grows. Besides, a loan CRM helps you in lead management, too, helping you in data analytics and reporting – the key to reaching out to more customers.

With Bryt Software’s automated customer communication, you can boost borrower retention and reduce delinquencies. Our automated payment reminders help you streamline your collections, deliver top-notch loan management services, and retarget your current borrowers.

The contact record in Bryt Loan Tracker includes the following features:

  1. Borrower contact information – Borrower name, company, address, phone, email, notes, etc.)
  2. Links to the loan list that the contact is involved in
  3. User notes – notes about interactions with the borrower
  4. Email logs – records all the email communications with the borrower
  5. Files – loan-related documents of the borrower.

All of this data is stored in the Bryt cloud and is available to your entire team (who contact the same borrower) and your users in real-time.

Bryt Software offers an extensive loan CRM feature allowing you to record details of your

  1. Borrowers,
  2. Investors,
  3. Real-estate agents,
  4. Insurance agents,
  5. Escrow agents, and
  6. Any other individual or company you work with.

On the Bryt Software CRM, you can add unlimited contacts for your lending business. So, keep a tab on all your loans with just a few clicks with Bryt.

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