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How can Bryt Help Boost ROI in the Growing Global Franchise Powerhouse?

Unified Lending Platform

Bryt serves as your ultimate tool for third-party integration, transforming your business into a unified lending powerhouse. APIs effortlessly merge with your preferred tools and data providers. Say goodbye to disjointed systems and hello to an interconnected lending ecosystem.

Tailored Loans

Bryt empowers you to design customized repayment plans and solutions that perfectly align with your borrower's cash flow and income. With a few clicks, Bryt's loan reporting system automates borrower data, transforming complex reporting into a breeze.

Manage Cash Flow

Stay ahead of the game with Bryt Software's curated lending strategies. Standard reports analyze trends, forecast loan performance, and offer data-driven insights. From historical trends to real-time data, Bryt Software empowers you to manage cash flow effortlessly.

Empower Loan Portfolio

Navigate your loan portfolio with precision using Bryt Software's robust report writer. Monitor repayment behavior, identify missed payments, and track key performance indicators. Bryt’s payoff calculator provides a comprehensive overview of the borrower's status from the day the calculation, variable interest rates, highlighting rate changes, duration, and cumulative totals for each adjustment.

Comprehensive Borrower Data

Streamline your loan with Bryt Software's automated data collection and analysis. Make informed decisions on loan approvals, interest rates, and terms based on a borrower's comprehensive financial history. Bryt's system future-proofs your lending decisions.

Enhance Borrower Experience

Tailor your loan structures to match each borrower's unique needs, ensuring maximum risk mitigation. Enhance borrower relationships with accurate data visibility. Generate comprehensive loan reports, payment schedules, and balances, cultivating a positive borrower experience.

Grow 4X with Tailored Loan Solutions for Franchisors and Franchisees

Transform data into dollars. Be a part of the global CAGR surge.

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Real-Time Data in a Single Ecosystem

Effortlessly manage transactions, accounting summaries, and aggregated interest through Bryt's intuitive interface. Real-time data visibility ensures you're always in control. You can even automate the creation and emailing of templates to borrowers associated with the loan.

Automated Batching

Minimize operational costs and simplify loan management with Bryt Software's seamless automated batching. Handle larger workloads, enhance efficiency, and elevate the borrower experience.

Loan Workflow Automation

Bid farewell to complex loan management processes. Bryt Software's Loan Creation Wizard automates day-to-day loan servicing tasks. Easily track payments, accruals, write-offs, and so much more at just a glance.

Enhanced Contact Relationship Management

Bryt Software empowers you to manage unlimited contacts for all your loans, fostering better borrower relationships. Upload and store essential documents, notes, and files to resolve complex loan issues faster.

Optimize Interest Accrual

Drive ROI with efficient interest accrual methods. Bryt Software offers flexibility by accommodating standard accrual methods such as 30/360, Actual/365, and Actual/360. You can adjust Payment Frequency, Per Diem, and Interest Day-Count to suit your specific lending requirements.

Automated Late Fee Calculation

Maximize income collection with automated late fee calculations—Bryt Software streamlines late fee processing based on various factors, ensuring optimal profitability.

What Makes Choosing Bryt a Smart Decision for Your Franchisor Loans?

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Bryt’s products and services are hosted using Azure's Premium V2 App Service, backed by a 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) Uptime Guarantee. This ensures consistent and uninterrupted access to our solutions.

Intuitive Interface

Bryt Software is designed with simplicity in mind. It has an intuitive interface that requires minimal training for effective navigation and utilization. A key strategy Bryt employs to ensure ease of use is the standardization of features and functionality throughout the website.

Effortless Navigation

Navigate the platform seamlessly with Quick Tools that provide direct access to frequently used sections, reducing time spent searching for specific features. Quick Tools expedite your workflow, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on more strategic activities.

Granular Control for Enhanced Security

Bryt understands the importance of data security and confidentiality. Customizable access levels enable you to assign precise permissions to each user. Individuals can only access the information and features relevant to their roles, minimizing the risk of unauthorized data exposure.

Seamless Implementation

The core Bryt system is designed for self-implementation, requiring minimal to no assistance from our support team. While advanced features and modules might need some support, our user-friendly setup ensures a smooth process.

Unlimited Free Support

Bryt’s standard Support Options come at no additional cost. Whether you're on a free trial or a paid subscription, its support is readily available to assist you every step of the way. The comprehensive support options cater to various learning styles and preferences, allowing you to make the most of the Bryt system.

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“Bryt Software Saved the day!”

“My experience has been great! There was no pressure from a sales team, the development folks were willing to tweak and customize the software for our needs and everything is running smooth! Most importantly, I feel like my questions and concerns were heard timely and solutions rendered in real time....I feel like the team at Bryt is an extension of my team.”

Nathan T.

Government Administration


“Value for Money”

“It has been a great experience. The system was very easy to implement and the customer service has been terrific. I have recommended others to use the system as well and will continue to do so.”

Ron B.

Financial Services


“This software makes the Loan Servicing process very easy and timeless.”

“I've been using this software for about 2 years and all of its features have allowed me to cut Loan Servicing and Document Processing portion of my job time in half. Actually more then half.”

Marsha P.

Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bryt Software‘s solution allows you to create customized repayment plans that align with your borrower’s cash flow and income. Our automated loan reporting streamlines borrower data, making customization effortless.

Bryt Software enables risk-appropriate decisions by helping you structure loans to cater to each borrower’s unique needs. You can introduce additional collateral or adjust interest rates based on data-driven insights.

Bryt Software‘s solution generates comprehensive loan reports, payment schedules, and balances. You can ensure smooth and accurate communication with borrowers with automated notices and templates.

Bryt Software‘s automated batching, workflow automation and CRM feature enhances operational efficiency. It helps you handle larger workloads seamlessly, leading to improved borrower experiences and streamlined processes.

Bryt Software’s Loan Creation Wizard automates loan servicing tasks like payment tracking, accruals, and communication. The advanced loan tracker empowers you with data-driven insights to help you make informed decisions.

Security is paramount. Bryt Software employs data encryption, and our system is built on Microsoft Cloud’s secure Azure platform. So, your data’s integrity and privacy are ensured through Microsoft’s advanced threat protection measures.

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