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Loan Tracking

Our Base Product...

​All Customers start with Loan Tracking.

Monthly Recurring Fees

  • Single User - $99/month

  • 2 Users- $180/month

  • 3 Users- $250/month

  • 4 Users- $295/month

  • 5 Users- $325/month

  • 6+ users - quoted

Implementation (one-time)  Fees

  • $1500

  • Includes access to all Loan Tracking Features

Loan Tracking Features...

  • Automate Calculations

  • Record Payments

  • Manage Late Fees

  • Generate Professional Statements and Notices

  • Real time Loan Accounting Detail

  • Customer Database

  • Business Analytics Dashboard

  • Supports Multiple Interest Rate Calculations

  • Supports All Loan Types

  • Generates 1098/1099 documents

  • Document Storage Upload

  • Borrower Web Portal

  • Amortization Schedule

Loan Servicing

Add-On Functionality

​Streamline and automate all your Loan Servicing tasks to save time and provide an effortless experience for both you and your customers. 

Monthly Recurring Fees

  • Monthly Recurring Fees for Loan Servicing are in addition to the Recurring Fees for Loan Tracking users

  • $150/month - Includes up to 5 of the Loan Servicing modules listed below

  • $250/month - Includes all of the Loan Servicing modules listed below

Implementation (one-time)  Fees

  • Loan Servicing Implementation Fees are additional to the Loan Tracking Implementation Fee

  • $1500 - $2500 (Quoted, based on the number of modules selected)

Loan Servicing Modules...

  • Multi-lender Funding  

  • ACH and Recurring Pay-ins

  • Collateral - Properties / Assets / Automobile 

  • Impound Functionality

  • Create Custom Documents Populated with Data from the Bryt System

  • Borrower and/or Lender Portal

  • Benchmarks – Connect your Interest Rate Calculations to Prime Rate or Other Benchmark

  • Collect Borrower Application Online

  • Budget and Draws for Construction Loans

  • Custom Workbook Templates for Loan Analysis

Loan Origination

Add-On Functionality

​​Originate higher quality loans faster with smarter automation tools for determining creditworthiness and approving and funding more loans.

Monthly Recurring Fees

  • Monthly Recurring Fees for Loan Origination are in addition to the Recurring Fees for Loan Tracking users

  • $150 - Includes all Loan Origination features listed below

Implementation (one-time)  Fees

  • $1000 (in addition to Loan Tracking Implementation Fee)

  • Includes access to all Loan Origination Features

Loan Origination Features...

  • Customer Relationship Tool to Track Customer Information, Interaction, Notes, and Call Logs

  • Configurable Workflow and  Task Management

  • Loan Pipeline Dashboards

  • Loan Origination Document Storage

  • Creation Custom, Branded Loan Applications

  • Automatic Generation of Customized Loan Documents

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Custom Options... Built for your Business

We realize that some clients require individualized features that are specific to their way of doing business.  Bryt is built on a platform that allows us to provide many custom options for our clients within a standardized product platform.  If your company needs specific custom feautes, we are happy to provide custom specifications and quotes for your unique business requirements,  Some of our more common custom options include:

  • Capital-based Pool Configuration - Use Bryt to manage your Capital-based pools

  • Custom Report Writer – Access to our custom report building module 

  • Custom Documents and Reports – We create custom documents and/or reports for you that can be auto-populated with data from your Bryt database

  • Custom Data Import – We will take your loan data and configure it to be imported in to the Bryt system

  • Custom Domains - Use your custom domain name for your borrower and/or lender portals

Every Single Bryt Client Receives...

Simple Billing Options

Bryt accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card, and you will be billed in US dollars. We do not accept checks, postal orders, or pay-by-phone. Your credit card will be charged each month on the first of the month. You will be charged for each user you add to your account. Charges will be pro-rated for partial month usage.

No Contract

We don't force you into a long term contract. We do only month-to-month commitments. We're so sure you'll love Bryt, we think you'll stay a while on your own.

No Surprise Price Increases

We will honor our price commitment to you for a MINIMUM of 2 years. It's kind of like we're in a contract to you, but you are not in a contract to us.


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