Market Data - March, 2020

Updated: Jul 8

Below is the market data for March, 2020

Details and Disclaimers

This data is compiled monthly by Bryt Software for the benefit of it’s customers, prospects and friends. We are hoping that this data helps you make better financial decisions by being better informed about the market. While we take great care in the accuracy of this data, we are basically compiling this data from a variety of sources, and occasionally this data is wrong. We recommend that you go direct to the source of the data if you need to be assured of the accuracy. We compile this data from the following sources:

Major Indices are gathered from:

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average – Symbol: DJIA

  • NYSE Composite Index – Symbol: NYA

  • NASDAQ Composite Index – Symbol: COMP

  • AMEX Composite Index – Symbol: XAX

  • S&P 500 – Symbol: SPX

  • Russell 2000 Index – Symbol: RUT

Interest Data is collected from:

Other Market Indicators are collected from:

If you notice any errors in any of this data, please email us at:

If there is other pertinent financial data that you would like to see in this report, send us an email. We will try to accommodate your request.

This report is normally compiled in the first week of every month. We publish the report on our blog ( and send out notices on our social media accounts once the report is available. If you would like notification when this report is published, please follow us on one of the following:

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