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Our Story

Software is supposed to be a tool used to make life easier. Yet as lenders using loan management software, we found that it was overly complicated, inflexible and the fees seemed to be endless. After being in this business for decades, we said it: We can do this better! We knew there had to be a better solution. That was the birth of Bryt Software.

There must be a better way


Having used many of the products on the market, we could not find a modern program that fit the simplicity of our basic loans yet had the flexibility to handle more complex transactions when they arose. We spent time and money on various other programs— to try to satisfy our needs but were invariably disappointed and locked into maintenance contracts for programs we did not trust. We knew there was a better way and a less expensive way.

The road to a better way


In the Spring of 2015, we began developing software for our needs.

We wanted flexibility for ourselves and entertained the possibility that we were not the only ones sick of inferior products. With that in mind, we designed an elegant, flexible program and began its use. Then we updated...and changed...and redesigned...and changed...and updated... We built a product we use and a product that we now make available to others — with updates handled at our end, automatically. Alas, we were not software people, we were desperate clients who made a great tool.

Word about the software spread, and in 2016 we were approached by Robert Schulte, an experienced C-Suite member in the Software as a Service (SaaS) business. He liked what he saw, so he purchased Bryt Software and employed critical members of the development team to prepare the product for the open market. 

Today, Bryt Software is one of the fastest growing loan management systems on the market!

We’re ready. The software is ready.

The question is: are you ready? Yeah… you’re ready. 

Welcome to the Bryt Software family!

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